About the Hattiesburg Zoo

The Hattiesburg Zoo opened its gates on Easter Sunday 1950. Legend has it that the park that houses the zoo, Kamper Park, was a popular place to bring animals of all sorts in the early 1900s. This became a known tradition in the area, so a local women’s club raised money to build a real zoo on the site. When the gates opened on that Easter Sunday, guests were greeted by exotic animals and the spirit of learning that still exists today.

The Zoo has seen a wonderful cast of characters in its day, including the famous elephant, Miss Hattie. Miss Hattie’s personality charmed all who visited. Many visitors recall that she would sway to the music of the carousel. Miss Hattie passed away in 1974 when her dear companion, a one-horned goat, was washed away in a flood. Broken hearted, Hattie laid down, never to get up again. Today, you can find memorial sculptures of Miss Hattie and her little goat just inside the Zoo’s gates.

Like Hattie in her time, today’s beloved Zoo animal is Chewy the Sloth and his family, Mo and Baby Maple. Chewy’s charming personality and his comical slowness delights visitors from all over the world. From Hoffman’s Two Toed Sloths to Howler Monkeys and a Jaguar, the Zoo houses a multitude of animals, all with their own special gifts and personalities. Everyone can find a favorite animal pal at the Hattiesburg Zoo.

Today the Hattiesburg Zoo is constantly growing. Named Best Travel Attraction of the Year by the Mississippi Tourism Association in 2017, the Zoo is also listed as the #1 thing to do in Hattiesburg by TripAdvisor. So what are you waiting for?

Adventure awaits at the Hattiesburg Zoo.