Is there an age limit/requirement? If so, do chaperons need to purchase tickets also?

Yes! We require anyone under the age of 15 to be accompanied by a paid adult.

Will Maple be involved in Sloth Experiences when she is older?

Chewy is our star for the experiences, but Maple is currently training to be an ambassador animal, too!

What are the chances that the sloth in unable to be held due to stress? Is there a possibility that we won’t be able to hold it?

The chances of this happening are very slim! Chewy loves meeting new guests! Our animal care staff is fully trained to be able to read his mood and behavior. Fortunately, we have never had a problem with him not wanting to participate in the experiences each week!

How long does the Sloth Experience last and what does it consist of?

These experiences last for about 45 minutes to an hour and include: helping prepare the sloth meals, behind the scenes tour of the sloth area, introduction to other animals in the Asbury Discovery Center building, meet & greet time with Chewy where you are able to hold him.

Are photo opportunities provided and/or are we allowed to take our own photos?

We don’t have a photographer for each experience, but we do allow you to film and take photos throughout the entire experience on cameras and phones!

How many people are allowed to attend each experience at one time?

We only allow 6 guests per experience, which helps to make it a more up-close & personal experience!

What all is included in the Sloth Experience?

It includes behind-the-scenes tours of the animal kitchen and Asbury Discovery Center, meet & greet time with a sloth, and perhaps a few other bonus animals, zoo admission for the day, and a souvenir t-shirt!

If I have a cold/illness, will the sloth easily catch it? Can I get sick from them?

It is extremely unlikely for any illness to be transferred between the sloths and humans, so you should be good to go! For the safety of our staff and other guests, we do ask that you take proper precautions if you have an extreme illness.

What if the zoo closes due to rain or bad weather?

We will have our Sloth Experiences even if the zoo is closed due to rain! Weather conditions would have to be extreme for us to cancel and we would reschedule if that was the case!

Will the sloth bite me or potty on me?

Chewy is a people lover, so you shouldn’t worry about him biting you! Sloths only potty about once a week and it is typically at night, so you shouldn’t worry about that either! We do have aprons for everyone to wear just in case!

Will you be adding anymore Sloth Experience days to your current twice a week schedule?

For the health and safety of our sloth, we will only have two a week for now! This helps keep Chewy happy and healthy for all of our guests!

How do you book a Sloth Experience?

We do all of our Sloth Experience booking online through our website using the link above!

Can I purchase a Sloth Experience as a gift?

Yes! When you purchase, just book it under the name of the person you are gifting it to!

Is there a waiting list for when people cancel?

We do not have a waiting list due to the high demand of these experiences. If there is ever a cancellation, we will post about it on the Hattiesburg Zoo Facebook page for a lucky person to book.