Volunteer at the Zoo!

Our volunteers work alongside our animal care staff to help with daily activities, both the fun and the not so fun. It is often physical labor and there is a lot of cleaning, dirt, and feces involved. We work in all types of weather conditions as well. Our volunteers work in exhibits and are hands-on with many different native and exotic species, including rodents, other mammals, snakes, lizards, testudines, birds, arachnids, and amphibians. Volunteers may learn to handle many of these species and take them out to interact with the public.


We do our best to offer a great amount of knowledge and hands-on experience that volunteers cannot get anywhere else in the area. Whenever possible, we make sure that volunteers are invited to watch if there is something special happening around the zoo (tiger training, vet procedure, etc).

Email zooeducator@hattiesburg.org to find out more about volunteering at the Hattiesburg Zoo!


  • Must be 18 or older
  • Preferably recently obtained or are working on a degree in a biological related field
  • Must be able to come once a week and work with us for three to four hours.
  • Volunteers must stay with us for at least one full semester, but are free to stay longer.
  • While we understand that everyone has certain animals that they are not fond of and we will not force anyone to work with an animal that they are uncomfortable with, we do need our volunteers to be willing to work with MOST of the above animals.